Elevation: 2,260 m (7,415 ft) Prominence: 1,801 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Province: Sulawesi Tengah (Central Sulawesi)
Google Earth: kml Other names:  Galang
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Bagging It!

Local student hiking groups have reached the top of the mountain, which is more commonly known as Gunung Galang. There are apparently 3 different routes, the quickest of which requires 2 days to reach the top (so presumably a day or day and a half back down). The city and airport of Toli-toli is only 20km away.


Getting there Fly to Toli-Toli from Palu.
Accommodation Presumably a few hotels in Toli-Toli.
Permits Unknown
Water sources Currently unknown.
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Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): palu


One thought on “Dako

  1. Things sound very promising indeed for a trip to Gunung Dako / Galang in the near future (2019 hopefully) as according to a local hiker there it can be hiked in 2 days and the airport is less than an hour from the last village. Getting to Toli Toli is the difficult bit…. there are limited and fairly expensive flights, mainly from Palu….. it could probably just about be done from/to Jakarta over a long weekend. Looking forward to giving it a try……

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