// Bur ni Geureudong


Elevation: 2,885 m (9,465 ft) Prominence: 1,551 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Province: Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
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Eruptions: Bur ni Telong 1937



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Bagging It!

This Ribu is a twin volcano (with Bur ni Telong). Information below submitted by Maria Angela H.


Getting there From Bireun to Simpang Kompi at Bireun-Takengon street, then 25minutes to Bukit Mulie village.
Accommodation You can stay at Bukit Mulie’s or Pulo Intan’s resident because there is no  commercial places such as hotel or motel. Another options, you can stay at Bandar Lampahan.
Permits Take photocopy of your passport photo page just incase, and you need permission from the head of the village.
Water sources There are 3 water sources. Tengebesi River near resident’s field, Water Springs at Savanna , and  River at around 0,6km from the burni geureudong second peak.
Fund or join an expedition: fund expeditions small Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): bandaaceh


Origins and Meaning

‘Geureudong’ may mean a sound like thunder (Mark Durie, 2011).

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A forthcoming 2015 expedition to this mountain has been supported by Indonesia Expat.

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