Bulu Nti


Elevation: 2,334 m (7,657 ft) Prominence: 1,012 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerTinggi Sedang Province: Sulawesi Tengah (Central Sulawesi)
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Bagging It!

Bulu Nti is the highest point on a very long mountain ridge to the west of the city of Palu. It is this ridge which keeps Palu so dry to the extent that the city is one of the driest places in Indonesia. The more northerly (and smaller) Gawalise (2,023m) is much more commonly climbed and can be done in two days (as opposed to three). There are two routes up onto Bulu Nti and both start down Jl Palu Bangga near Desa Bobo (which is just 40 minutes from Palu). The road follows the base of the long, steep mountain ridge. Just north of Desa Bobo  near Desa Kaleke is a turning down a track to Air Terjun Wera (Wera Waterfall) which is a moderately popular tourist area for local people at weekends. The hike can be started here but it is very steep and rather dangerous – indeed, in June 2013 the area was closed due to a recent fatality.

The second route is from Desa Jono, a little further south of Desa Bobo. Like the trailhead at the waterfall, the starting elevation is very low (75 metres above sea level) and the first section of the trail leads up the hillside with very little shade to keep you cool. The top is about 8km (horizontal straight line) from both trailheads so it is perhaps no surprise that you need three day to climb it. The peak of Bulu Nti itself cannot be seen from the main road as it is hidden somewhat behind nearer parts of the mountain ridge.


Getting there Bulu Nti is about one hour’s drive from the city of Palu where there is an airport.
Accommodation Several hotels in Palu. Rama Garden is a decent mid-range choice. If you fancy a beach resort then try the German-owned Prince John Dive Resort at Tanjung Karang, Donggala about 34 km north of Palu city.
Permits Not required.
Water sources Currently unknown.
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): palu


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