Elevation: 824 m (2,703 ft) Prominence: 824 m
Ribu category: Google MarkerSpesial Province: Nusa Tenggara Timur
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Gunung Ara is the highest point on Komodo island. It takes 2 hours to reach the top from the Ranger station. There is evidence to suggest that the original people of Komodo island lived on Gunung Ara. An official guide is mandatory. It is important to set out as early as possible because there is little shade on Komodo and this is one of Indonesia’s hottest and driest places.

Komodo island – famously home to the Komodo dragon – lies between the larger islands of Sumbawa and Flores (which are both served by flights from Bali’s Denpasar) and can be reached by boat or ferry. Many travel agents offer tours to the island.


Getting there There are plenty of tour operators in Labuanbajo where there is also an airport with many flights to Denpasar. It can be expensive to join a trip to the island with others who may not wish to climb the mountain too. If possible, go with a group of friends who also want to reach the top.
Accommodation There are plenty of hotels in Labuanbajo to suit all budgets. Chez Felix is a reasonable budget choice. If you are visiting Komodo as poart of a multi-day trip, you will probably sleep onboard your boat.
Permits You need to buy a Komodo National Park permit, which is about Rp250,000 for three days.
Water sources Unknown. Assume none on the trail.
Local Average Monthly Rainfall (mm): komodo


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